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Get Rid of Your Timeshare!

Resort and Vacation Club Cancellation

Do you own a timeshare and want to be rid of all the fees, hassles and headaches associated with your timeshare membership? We have the resources and the expertise to get you OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT!

US Consumer Attorneys’ successful timeshare cancellation program has PROVEN RESULTS and can assist you in CANCELLING YOUR TIMESHARE. We are able to succeed where other timeshare exit companies may have failed!

A common question that many timeshare owners ask is: How Can I Cancel my Timeshare Contract? The short answer is, it's not an easy thing to do by yourself. Many people think that since they are a member of a "club", they can simply walk away from their membership. NOT SO. A timeshare is difficult, but not impossible, to be cancelled. We have the resources and the expertise to GET THE JOB DONE. Under general contract law, the truth is that contracts are cancellable for many reasons.

Whether you just don’t use it or are tired of the increasing maintenance fees, the time has come to cancel your timeshare. Most owners look to selling or renting their timeshare first, as a way to recoup some of their original money that they had to invest. However, the extremely low ratio of buyers to sellers has depressed the re-sale market to a point where many owners cannot find any takers for their timeshare ownership. Unfortunately, there are also an endless number of timeshare scams and fraudulent timeshare listing and relief companies that prey on desperate owners. Thankfully, however, US Consumer Attorneys provides the LEGAL COUNSEL YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT.

Find out How To Cancel A Timeshare

Timeshare Maintenance Fees:
What you may not be told is the extent to which the annual maintenance fee will increase over time. If the seller claims the fees will stay the same, beware. Beautiful properties today may be run-down in five or ten years without sufficient maintenance. Timeshare operators also may force owners to pay unexpected but obligatory special assessment fees.

Secondary Market for Timeshares:
As far as whether or not timeshares are good for investments, the harsh truth is that they rarely appreciate in value. In fact, the likelihood is that you will lose money when purchasing a timeshare membership. The original price may have included premiums of up to 40% to cover sales costs. As a result, a resale will yield only A FRACTION of the original price. Then you will have to pay a new commission to the broker who sells the property for you. One recent survey found that only 3.3% of owners reported reselling their timeshares during the last 20 years. Federal Trade Commission Owners often cannot even GIVE THEIR TIMESHARE AWAY, due to the Resorts’ Skyrocketing Maintenance and Assessment Fees. Still, desperate to sell, many timeshare owners have been deceived by timeshare resale scams.

Get the best resort cancellation service at US Consumer Attorneys, we provide easy solutions for resorts and vacation club cancellation. Our a team of seasoned lawyers with approximately 100 years of combined experience with helping timeshare owners cancel their timeshare's contractual and financial obligations and cancel your timeshare contract. Our full-service legal team is able to provide the help necessary to negotiate terms virtually all Timeshare and Resort developers and we have the track record to prove it!

How To Cancel A Timeshare Contract

» Cannot reserve the dates you want?
» Unable to keep up with ever-increasing maintenance & assessment fees?
» Tired of the constant attempts to upsell you to more expensive packages?
» Wish you never signed that contract?

Get your resort and vacation club contract cancelled!

Using our Proven Techniques, we help Timeshare Owners achieve nothing less than the Complete Release, Termination and Cancellation of their Timeshare Interests and cancel your timeshare contract. Our Mission: To cancel your timeshare ownership permanently.

One of the biggest downsides of owning a timeshare is its perpetuity, forcing you to pay fees forever. “Your heirs WILL inherit your timeshare, along with its ever-escalating maintenance fees.”
– Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

There’s something Financial Planners and Consumer Advocates can agree on: They’re both warning people to STAY AWAY from Timeshares.

Timeshare Maintenance Fees are going up an average of 12% Per Year. The WORST thing an owner can do is NOTHING. The Numbers Work… For the Resort Companies!

The timeshare resale market is SATURATED with thousands of timeshare owners trying to sell and rent their properties. The resort owners know that you are STUCK, and won’t buy back your membership because the maintenance and other fees they collect are worth more than the title.

A quick search on the Internet for "timeshare re-sales” shows a multitude of results of timeshares for sale and for rent, the owners desperately trying to get out of their memberships.

How To Cancel your Timeshare Contract

Our proven Timeshare Cancellation program will END YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT, and immediately allow you to stop payments made to your resort company and cancel your timeshare contract.

Our company assigns an experienced, knowledgeable Attorney to assist in getting you out of your Resort Membership permanently. Our fast and secure process includes services provided through our affiliated attorneys and intake managers to cancel your timeshare contract.

A ONE-TIME LOW Fee will get you out of your Timeshare contract quickly and forever. We will assign you a qualified affiliated attorney to work with you and take all steps necessary to Cancel your Timeshare Contract and End your Timeshare Headache!

We help to get timeshare owners able to Cancel the Timeshare Contracts PERMANENTLY! We will Beat Any Competitor’s Price! Cancel your Timeshare now!

Contact us today and we’ll get your file started! Our results-driven program will help you be TIMESHARE-FREE forever and cancel your timeshare contract!