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Client Service Guarantee

US Consumer Attorneys offers its clients a guarantee of satisfaction with its legal services. We make this promise because of our confidence in our lawyers’ skills, experience, judgment and their commitment to delivering high quality, client focused service. Communication is the key to success. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our client service guarantee is based upon an open, candid relationship with clients. We pledge to provide services that effectively address each client's specific objectives. In return, we ask our clients to tell us promptly if they are dissatisfied in any way with our services, giving us the opportunity to correct any problem and improve the attorney-client relationship.

We can and do promise to put our clients first, working with them to identify, address, and effectively pursue their objectives. To ensure that we provide this level of dedication, we framed our guarantee in these terms:

  • We agree to provide you a bonafide offer to terminate your timeshare in approximately 12 months or less (in some cases the termination process may take longer).

  • We guarantee that as a client of US Consumer Attorneys you will receive cost-effective legal services delivered in a professional manner.

  • We promise to involve you in strategic decisions and to communicate with you as we have updates.

  • We do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If at any time US Consumer Attorneys does not perform to your satisfaction, we ask that you inform us promptly. We will then resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means discounting the fees you paid us.

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