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How to Cancel Timeshare

Get Out of Timeshare Disputes

Want to Get Rid of a Timeshare? US Consumer Attorneys’ proven, results-driven timeshare cancellation program helps timeshare owners Get Out of Timeshares.

Do you realize that you can rent a timeshare online for LESS than it costs for pay the average annual Timeshare Maintenance Fees? The Timeshare Resale market is not "Hot" and it is unlikely there is a buyer ready and willing to buy your timeshare. Be careful about working with specific organizations that offer to "Help timeshare owners" by offering your timeshare for sale or rent. Some of these companies make heaps of grandiose guarantees about getting you out of your timeshare. Then, they charge high "marketing expenses" and do nothing other than post Internet promotions for your timeshare. You need to Get Rid of Timeshares by CANCELLING them.

Most Timeshare Resort companies refuse to "Take Back" unwanted memberships. This is because the income generated by annual Maintenance Fees may be more valuable than the Ownership of the Resort Membership. Also, timeshare companies will rent out remaining, unused timeshare units to the general public for less money that is costs you as a timeshare owner for the same unit.

The bottom line is Timeshares flood the resale market and have basically ZERO VALUE. A quick search on "Timeshares for sale" on Ebay will show you many timeshares with a price of Only $1.00 – with No Takers! When you have a situation where for every 100 sellers, and there's not even a single buyer, it is a defective product.

Timeshare owners often find themselves screwed over thanks to a yearly bills such as Maintenance Fees or expanded Timeshare Special Assessment expenses, that when combined start to drain their savings and stress their financial plans. To exacerbate matters, timeshare owners may not be utilizing the timeshare as much as they intended to when signing the timeshare contract.

Not to stress. There are some honest to goodness, genuine options accessible to those who were SCAMMED and TRICKED during the Timeshare Presentation into a Timeshare Membership and need to Cancel the Timeshare. A Timeshare Contract Cancellation program works well for timeshare owners who want to GET OUT FOREVER.

Consumer advocate Suze Orman says the rule to remember for timeshare owners is to use only a Licensed Attorney, experienced in dealing with timeshares, to Get Rid of their timeshare contract. US Consumer Attorneys performs all the legal research and preparation, negotiation with your timeshare resort, filing lawsuits if necessary, plus processing and filing of all needed documents to ensure your full and permanent release. We show timeshare owners how to cancel timeshares.

Using a proven, top-rated Timeshare Cancellation program will help you get rid of the timeshare for good. Finding a dedicated company such as US Consumer Attorneys is crucial to protect timeshare consumers from the fraudulent practices of Timeshare Resort Companies, and demand an immediate out from timeshare membership. Our Timeshare Lawyers will assist in getting timeshare owners out of Timeshare Resort Membership Contracts. Experienced, knowledgeable Attorneys and Timeshare Industry Professionals successfully rid timeshare owners of their obligations, all the while keeping owners updated throughout the entire Timeshare Cancellation process.

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