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Our Timeshare Cancellation Process

US Consumer Attorneys is a group of affiliated attorneys dedicated to protecting consumers from the unfair practices of timeshare companies. Our experienced, knowledgeable attorneys and intake managers will work hard for you throughout our fast and secure process, and assist you in getting you out of your timeshare membership contract – forever.

The process described herein covers most common scenarios. Each client's file may be different, and the attorneys make adjustments accordingly.

The Process:
» Attorney Assignment: The experienced timeshare attorneys of US Consumer Attorneys work together to assist in getting you out of your timeshare.

» Welcome Package to Client: A welcome letter is sent to you, the client, with our office contact information, attorney names and a breakdown of the process moving forward so you have knowledge of what will be done.

» Documents Submitted: Client sends all requested documents to the offices of US Consumer Attorneys. Attorney reviews all documents and begin preparing the appropriate documentation and/or correspondence.

» Document Preparation: US Consumer Attorneys professionally drafts the documentation necessary to cancel ownership.

» Attorney Demand: Attorney assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to the timeshare resort for cancellation of ownership.

» Timeshare Company Acceptance: Timeshare company receives the demand letter for your timeshare contract cancellation, and then communicates back to our attorney.

» Client Notification: Client is notified in writing of the initial progress after 90 days of submitting the required documents to our office. Another update is submitted after 180 days to report progress of file. We hope to be sending you as fast as possible a notification that states "Congratulations – You Are Out Of Your Timeshare!"

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