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Timeshare Transfer

Are you a RCI Timeshare member and need to be released of all the rising maintenance and exchange fees, travel restrictions, frustrating, high-pressure owner meetings and other burdens associated with your RCI timeshare? We have the experience and expertise to get you OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT!

US Consumer Attorneys' timeshare cancellation and transfer program has demonstrated results and can help you in getting out your timeshare. We can succeed where others may have failed! A typical question that many timeshare owners ask is, "Can I cancel or transfer out of my Timeshare Contract?" The short answer is, yes, timeshare exit and timeshare membership cancellation is definitely possible but it's not accomplished easily, because the Timeshare Resort companies do everything they can to make you believe that Timeshare Cancellation is NOT possible. The Resorts don't want to miss out on all the Timeshare Fees that you pay them and let you just walk away from Timeshare Membership.

A Timeshare or Vacation club membership has to be cancelled, transferred or otherwise legitimately ended in order for the owner to legally walk away from their contract. US Consumer Attorneys has the specific experience, proven expertise and techniques to help you get out of your Timeshare and/or Vacation Club membership contract.

Legally Cancel your RCI Timeshare Membership

Under general contract law, most contracts are actually cancellable for a variety of reasons. Whether you can’t book the dates you want, were lied to during the sales presentation, simply don't utilize the timeshare or are tired of the ever-increasing RCI timeshare expenses, the time has come to cancel or transfer out of your Timeshare contract or Vacation Club membership. Most owners hope to rent or lease their timeshare to offset the cost of membership but this has increasingly shown to be less than viable because non-owners can just rent most locations online through any of the many vacation discounting websites such as Expedia, Orbitz or Priceline. This is one of many reasons that these timeshares are not available to their “owners” when they wish to use them.

Additionally, due to the amount of owners that wish to transfer their ownership, resorts have made it increasingly difficult to use this last-ditch provision that has always been previously used to get out of membership in situations where there is no other viable means to do so. Sadly, there seems to be a countless numbers of highly-questionable tactics and tricks that are used to keep a member/owner financially tied to their timeshare burden as well as an ever-increasing number of unethical 3rd party companies that offer to “sell or rent” your timeshare in a market where that is not likely to ever happen due to the overwhelming number of people trying to do it in a currently flooded timeshare market. Thankfully, US Consumer Attorneys stands ready to help you negotiate the successful release/cancellation or transfer of you timeshare and/or Vacation Club membership.

How to Cancel Your RCI Timeshare Contract

What you may also not realize, is the degree to which the yearly Timeshare fees (including but not limited to, maintenance and assessment fees) will increase over time. More and more owners are beginning to realize this and for this reason alone, many are trying (unsuccessfully) to get out of their Timeshare or Vacation Club membership.

To the small extent that a timeshare membership is valuable to the traveller, they largly become a burden of mounting costs and fees, and rarely appreciate in worth. In reality, the probability is that you will lose cash when obtaining a timeshare week. The first cost may have included premiums of up to 40% to take care of sales incentives offered by the timeshare resort. Unfortunately for the timeshare owner, a resale will yield just A FRACTION of the purchase price. At that point you will need to pay another commission to the specialist who offers the property for sale on your behalf.

Find out How To Transfer A Timeshare

If you decide to buy a timeshare or membership in a vacation club, be aware that resales are difficult, if not impossible. In general the market for resales is poor and may vary considerably, depending on the location and time of year. One recent survey found that only 3.3% of owners reported reselling their timeshares during the last 20 years. Still, desperate to sell, many timeshare owners have been deceived by timeshare resale scams.

Get great timeshare cancellation advice at US Consumer Attorneys. We give simple answers for resorts and Timeshare deed cancellation. Our group of experienced attorneys with roughly 100 years of consolidated involvement with helping timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare contracts. Our full-service law firm can give the help necessary to arrange the termination of your timeshare contract with some of the biggest Timeshare and Resort companies in the world.

How To Transfer your RCI Timeshare Deed