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Timeshare Cancellation Client

US Consumer Attorneys’ proven, results-driven timeshare cancellation program will assist you in cancelling your timeshare.

As you can see from all of the timeshare contract release client testimonials below, US Consumer Attorneys has proven success in cancelling the membership contracts with virtually all of the major timeshare/ resort companies. Our professional team has approximately 100 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry, and fully understands timeshare contract law and consumer trade practices.
Note: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.
"Thank you US Consumer Attorneys. I and my husband thought a vacation timeshare would be great. Well, for more than one reason, it wasn't. But we didn't know what to do. My husband found and contacted US Consumer Attorneys and from the beginning they were knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was explained to us and we were told to leave everything in their hands. The letters and calls stopped and everything went quiet. Except for updates from US Consumer Attorneys. They said it could take up to 1 year but it wasn't that long. And we received our notice of release. Thank you again US Consumer Attorneys. We will recommend you to our friends and anyone that needs help."

- C. Miller

"When we first hired US Consumer Attorneys, we were quoted as much as 12 months for us to be timeshare free. The attorneys at US Consumer Attorneys did an outstanding job and had us free within a couple of months. We were also kept informed of the proceedings throughout the process and had all our questions answered in understandable terms. Hiring US Consumer Attorneys to represent us was the best decision we ever made."

- P. Capelle

"US Consumer Attorneys has been very good to work with. My husband and I found them to be professional and courteous. We would be very happy to recommend them to anyone having been dissatisfied with their "timeshare". Thank you all."

- M. Hardison

"Thank you for your help in disposing of our timeshare. US Consumer Attorneys succeeded in disposing of our timeshare when three other companies did not."

- C. Anglin

"Words cannot express how thankful we are to have received assistance from US Consumer Attorneys. We found ourselves in an unsatisfactory agreement with our timeshare and US Consumer Attorneys helped us be released from all obligation. If I could give anyone advice, it would be to NOT sign up for a timeshare no matter how good the "package" sounds. We were sucked into what we thought would be a financial trap. The wonderful people at US Consumer Attorneys were always respectful and helpful with all our questions and the mission was accomplished in a matter of a few months. Even living in another state, we received the attention and communication needed to get the job done. I would highly recommend US Consumer Attorneys for all legal matters!"

- J. Trout

"Finally! We are very pleased with US Consumer Attorneys. They did what 2 other companies we HIRED to do. They were good on their word and fulfilled their promise. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- P. Fox

"Thank you all for helping us become timeshare free. It is well worth the fee in comparison to paying the fees for a timeshare for the rest of your life and on your children's lives. If I come across anyone that wants to get out of a timeshare, I will send them your way. Thanks for all of your help."

- C. Brock

"I would like to thank you for the best service I have ever received. I appreciate the honest service. You did what you said you would do, that is amazing in this world today. This was the most painless process ever. I did not receive one phone call or any type of contact from the timeshare during the process. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends that need help as I did."

- T. Dixon

"Thank you for getting me out of my Spinnaker time share! I am having financial problems and I just could not afford any more fees - your company is a life saver!"

- B. Coulthurst

"We first heard of your corporation after a computer search. We were very displeased with the purchase of a timeshare. After employing your firm, we were told that it may take a few months to complete a settlement. It only took from Nov 2016 until July 2017 to complete the transaction. We are very pleased to no longer be burdened with the fraudulent timeshare. Thank you for your professional and successful service. We highly recommend your firm."

- P. Wood

"It's awesome that we are no longer owners. I thought this day would have never arrived. Thank you all for releasing us from the timeshare."

- C. Aguilar

"We kept our fingers crossed that this would get us free of our timeshare. We would like to help other people. Your company was our third time of trying to get free. The other companies just took our money, and we didn't get anywhere with the other companies. You can give anyone our information to have them call us. We would be happy to let people know what you did for us."

- R. Clute

"It is such a relief to not have the timeshare anymore! We found the US Consumer Attorneys to be honest with us about what they could and couldn't do and about how long it would take. The process was easy. They were prompt in their communications with us. Overall, it was a pretty painless process that has given us great peace of mind."

- M. Uttech

"Thank you for the work you do! I had no idea I was signing myself, my kids and my grand kids yet to be born to a lifetime of monthly bills when I "bought" a time share. Thank you for ensuring that the whole truth is told and disreputable companies are held accountable. It is such a relief to be free!"

- K. Hall

"We contacted US Consumer Attorneys in August 2016 and our completion date was April 2017. We would recommend them to others as they were very helpful and professional and the end result is that we are finally timeshare free!"

- J. Fargo

"I am very grateful to US Consumer Attorneys for their help in getting rid of my obligations in the matter of my time share. They have been very professional and helpful throughout the process and were always eager to answer all of my questions. I am glad I decided to contact US Consumer Attorneys. Thank you"

- D. Rivers

"We are very pleased with the prompt and swift service of US Consumer Attorneys. They were able to obtain a release from our timeshare nightmare in a very short period of time. We highly recommend US Consumer Attorneys."

- C. Wright

"Thank you so much for all of your company's help. The release of the timeshare helped us get our lives back. We are beyond "grateful" for the services and promptness on the matter. If we know of anyone going through these same issues, we will definitely recommend them to you. Thank you again."

- J. Torres

"Thanks for taking care of this terrible agreement which I got myself into without knowing exactly the implications. Your prompt attention as well as delivering exactly as you promised is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks a million."

- V. Wright

"We are very appreciative at the time and effort that was put into freeing us from the stupidest mistake we have ever made. Thank you very much!"

- J. Benham

"We want to thank you so much. We tried so many times to do this ourselves with no results. It was worth the money we paid for your help. We made the call. I called the number I heard on the radio - spoke to a few more people and never heard another word from the timeshare. This was the easiest thing we ever did. Again, thank you. So glad we called you for help."

- M. Ferrari

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your effort and dedication in my case. After a long and painful process I am now free from the timeshare financial burden and nightmare. You have restored my faith in attorneys. Thanks a million!"

- Z. Lebron

"What a surprise and blessing to receive your letter in the mail box! I cannot thank you enough nor express with words how grateful I truly am for your tremendous effort and diligence in releasing me of my timeshare contract. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, you have saved me from great financial burden and for that I am truly thankful! Your patience and expertise in this matter was greatly appreciated and I will gladly refer your company to others who may find themselves in the same predicament. God bless you all!"

- O. Perez

"After researching online and reading reviews for getting out of timeshare, I came across US Consumer Attorneys. I had Bluegreen as my timeshare. US Consumer Attorneys has been awesome. They have provided great service to me. Process took six months -- just as they said, six months to one year. It was well worth it. I recommend. 5 stars."

- C. Louis

"We were very satisfied with US Consumer Attorneys performance to get rid of our timeshare. The timeshare no longer fit our lifestyle It was difficult to get desired dates and facilities were not available in place we like to travel. US Consumer Attorneys answered our questions and kept us informed of the progress."

- K. Maestas

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"US Consumer Attorneys did everything they promised. Their representative explained the process, answered all of our questions, and did not exceed the expected completion date. I highly recommend this firm."

- G. Winters

"At first I was hesitant to hire US Consumer Attorneys. I have experienced several times, not once or twice but several times, that I end up being swindled by many dishonest people, deceitful attorneys, untrustworthy companies, and especially the fly by night businesses. US Consumer Attorneys showed me their concrete credentials and valid documents to win my trust to perform what was requested, and they have proven to be the right group of attorneys to perform this official legal case. Mission accomplished and I am the happiest and very fortunate client. I will hire them again for my other time share releases."

- E. Masucol

"Thank you for relieving us of this burden. It is a relief knowing this will never haunt us again. Should we ever want a timeshare again we will rent from some other poor owner that has not had the good fortune of hearing about your service."

- J. Owensby

"Well done! My only regret was I didn't find out about your service sooner! Thank you."

- A. Marotta

"We appreciate the timely and professional manner this was handled. Once you took over we were relieved. You were very honest and upfront with us in every aspect. We would highly recommend you to handle others in the same situation."

- O. Jones

"Disposal of my timeshare in Puerta Vallarta had been achieved by US Consumer Attorneys. The whole process has been efficient and satisfactory at a reasonable cost."

- H. Donovan

"Many thanks to the US Consumer Attorneys. This process took much less time than I had assumed, and it's wonderful to be free of the timeshare. Should I come across someone who is in that situation, I will certainly suggest that they contact US Consumer Attorneys right away. Thanks very much."

- J. McMullen

"Our many thanks to US Consumer Attorneys. They helped us get a complete release from a time share we could no longer pay for. This had been a nightmare for many years. This was accomplished (the release) in a very timely manner, and everyone we talked with was polite and professional. Thanks again."

- L. Isbell

"To all that worked on our case, you did an awesome job for us. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work and help others like us."

- D. Cook

"A timeshare is a wonderful and exciting thing -- until it is not! You're saddled with a $12,000 - $14,000 white elephant that you can't give away, while maintenance fees & assessments eat you up. USCA got us out of our timehare as promised, though it did take a while since the resort was uncooperative, as you might imagine. But after being scammed and wasting time and money on other companies which promised to sell / get us out of the timeshare, I can honestly recommend USCA as the ONLY company that got the job done. Thanks to all the folks at USCA for their help. "

- L. Kauf

"Thank you for the swift way y'all took care of getting us out of the timeshare. It is a big burden off of us and our children. Thank you for being so nice to us. "

- L. Jones

"We couldn't be happier with the service and outcome of our time-share dissolution. US Consumer Attorneys did everything that they said they would do, in a timely manner. Thanks for the help!"

- J. Westphal

"We would like to say thank you for getting our timeshare out of our name. We had tried selling it with three different agencies and a real estate company, all took our money and never heard from them again. We even tried giving it away! No luck. Your company did what they said and got rid of it. Relief is what we felt, along with some jumping up and down when we opened up your letter saying "Mission Accomplished". We can't say thank you enough. We can now look forward to our retirement years without worry."

- K. Dluhy

"I truly appreciate the timely and efficient manner in which this matter was handled by your firm. I really had no idea how to start the process of cancelling the contract. After the initial contact and completion of the required forms, you had indicated that I was to leave everything to your firm. Being "Old School" without computer, Email or smart phone, I was completely satisfied on the handling of my case by your staff. As you have indicated, "Mission Accomplished". Thank you for your professional assistance."

- M. Albright

"My first contact with you convinced me that you could help me get out of the predicament I was in, which was getting out of a contract that was not good for me and costing too much money. After several discussions about my problem we agreed to what it would cost me for you to handle the case and what I could expect the result to be. You gave me a time frame and expense amount to begin your legal work. Months later, within that time frame, you notified me that the mission was completed and that I was released from that contract. I was so excited and happy to get that news because you saved me a lot of expense. Thank you for your good work"

- E. Allen

"Thank you so much for taking care of this for us! It took a little longer than we thought but we are glad it's out of our way now... thanks again!"

- S. Schaefer

"It's really a blessing, thank the Lord that we came across you. Thank you for the excellent job done. You can really change lives. Thank you!"

- E. Giutierrez

"We are very pleased with the help and success of our account with Bluegreen Resorts being closed - thanks to the hard work of US Consumer Attorneys. They stayed in communication with us every step of the way. They treated us with respect and courtesy. No way we could have done this without them."

- L. Beasly

"My husband and I would like to thank you for all you have done for us. You kept us informed as to what was going on and what was going to happen next. We didn't know what we were going to do. We just knew we had to get out of this somehow. You helped us out and we really do thank you. We will keep your numbers and address in case we know of anyone who could use your help. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- J. Campbell

"Awesome! Thank you very much - I feel a very heavy burden lifted from my shoulders! This process only took four months from my initial call to US Consumer Attorneys to the release of my ownership in the timeshare, so I am totally pleased with the expeditious process. Again, I thank you all so very much."

- P. Fletcher

"It's uncommon in today's world where service companies actually do what they say; this was one of those times. Once I signed with US Consumer Attorneys I purposely made no contact with them, hoping and trusting they would do as they said. With zero pushing from me they were not only successful in releasing me from my timeshare, they did it in the prescribed time frame. I will absolutely recommend them to my friends and family and would certainly suggest you use them as well."

- J. Wilkinson

"We would like to thank the US Consumer Attorneys located in San Diego, California, for proving our claim so quickly. We were at our wits ends and didn't know where to turn. We live in Canada and tried, with no avail, to find a lawyer here to help us. We contacted US Consumer Attorneys, gave them all the particulars and they ran with it. Not knowing the ins and outs of the legal profession, particularly in the U.S., having a respectful company such as these people, sure gives a person a peace of mind. We highly recommend them to anyone trying to get out of a timeshare."

- A. Tommaso

"Thank you very much for helping us through this difficult situation. Once we worked together, US Consumer Attorneys took care of all matters relating to our time share. We will keep you in mind when referring others. Thanks."

- B. Campbell

"I read "Congratulations, you are timeshare free!" and shouted, literally, "YES!". No matter how long the process, I never had any doubt that US Consumer Attorneys would fail. A huge weight has been lifted. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! PS. I have recommended your service to others."

- D. Lane

"Having previously attended a seminar for a similar service after which I felt "slimed" the next day, I was very leery of any "get rid of timeshare" offer. But, after talking with the intake person at US Consumer Attorneys, I felt comfortable that I was dealing with real attorneys and that they could do as they said they would. Even so, I still checked them out with the BBB and the local Attorney General's office and found nothing to make me question that feeling. I also checked out each attorney listed on their letterhead. I signed the contract with US Consumer Attorneys to get rid of our timeshares that had become a financial burden. Because of my nervousness, I called several times during the process and every time the request for an update was met with a real person (not an answering service) that gave me details as to where we were in the process. I'm very pleased that just a little over 6 months later we are officially timeshare free and do not have a large timeshare membership due at year end. US Consumer Attorneys did what they said they would; they are not a scam. I recommend US Consumer Attorneys as the "go to" group to get rid of that timeshare when it's no longer fun and is just another expense that you can't get rid of."

- D. Spier

"My wife and myself are both very happy and pleased knowing that we no longer have to deal with this burden. The resort misrepresented their sale and we got stuck into an agreement we didn't want. Thanks to your firm we were cleared and taken out of this nightmare. Thank you."

- A. Martinez

"Awesome! Thank you very much - I feel a very heavy burden lifted from my shoulders. This process only took four months from my initial call to US Consumer Attorneys to the release of any ownership in the timeshare, so I am totally pleased with the expiditious handling of the this process. Again, I thank you all so very much."

- P. Fletcher

"Thank you very much for all your hard work! It is a weight off our shoulders. We truly appreciate working with you. Thanks again!"

- J. Martin

"We are very pleased with the efforts of US Consumer Attorneys for getting us out of a terrible timeshare that would have taken much of our money and have no benefits. We left everything to them and are 100% pleased with the results. It's a lesson we will always remember and never do again. We will recommend them to friends if needed. Thanks so much - we are so relieved!"

- A. Crictchlon

"We want to thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance towards our release from our previously owned timeshare. We recognize the amount of effort it took by you on our behalf to make this happen. I cannot adequately state how relieved we are to no longer have this burden and even more importantly will not pass on this same or worse burden to someone in our family. Our experience working with everyone involved in our case has been extremely positive. Everyone I spoke to over the extended period of time you were working on our behalf have been courteous, professional and empathetic to our situation. They also were very responsive and knowledgeable about the status of our case. I want you to know that I would readily and happily recommend your firm to anyone who may have a similar situation as the one we were faced with. Thank you all once again."

- R. Day

"Thank you for the news – Time share Free. The process was very professional. All business, a fee we agreed on and your team performed all that they said they would do. It's a very good feeling to be free of this burden. It was nice to use and we enjoyed our time share for some time, now it is time to be free and enjoy our vacationing on our own again. Thank you for contacting me and giving me your expertise & service. No hassle, no gimmicks."

- D. Leyba

"Thank you for getting rid of our headache. I will recommend your services to all my friends. You did what you promised. Thanks again."

- L. Holladay

"I would like to thank US Consumer Attorneys for getting me a successful release from my time share. It was accomplished by US Consumer Attorneys in a professional and timely manner. It has lifted a heavy yoke of burden when it comes to fees etc. with the time share. I would advise anyone to contact US Consumer Attorneys if they are thinking of getting released from a time share. They will do their very best to help you with a positive outcome for you the consumer."

- J. Rosenberg

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"We would like to express our appreciation to US Consumer Attorneys who assisted us in getting out of our timeshare contracts. This was a lengthy process wherein they stepped in for us and dealt directly with the parent company of our two timeshares. They have been successful in foreclosing our timeshares by removing our obligations from our deeds and the associated annual fees without our credit rating being impacted. Many thanks for the excellent and professional service to the US Consumer Attorneys team!"

- D. Gerard

"We tried different ways to sell our time share and went through scam after scam. Nothing seemed to work. We were given your company name over a year ago. You were very helpful and did what you said you would. We are grateful for your assistance. Thank you!"

- V. McMeans

"Thank God for US Consumer Attorneys. I thought there was no hope for getting out of timeshares. Who could I trust? I've been burned so many times! Your company is the best! I heard the advertisement on the radio. I listened and still thought, is this truly my way out? Praise God it was. The staff was great! They answered all my questions. It did take longer than I wanted but they explained this to me in the beginning. I was dealing with 2 timeshares. I will recommend your company to others who want out. Thank you."

- J. Davis

"I have to say that I'm very pleased with US Consumer Attorneys and the outcome of my transaction. Every single person I talked with there was always very courteous and helpful. I sincerely thank each and every one of you and wish the very best to all. Keep up the good work."

- A. Gutierrez

"My case was handled very quickly and simply. Everyone I dealt with was professional and helpful. I definitely recommend this service."

- D. Monette

"My husband and I want to thank you very much for helping us get rid of our timeshare. I must admit we were not very knowledgeable when somewhat pressured into this timeshare. After signing up and giving our hard earned money away, we were not able to use it for the reasons we told them. We are so thankful to get through the process in getting rid of the timeshare with the help you provided. Thank you again!!"

- P. Oberlin

"I needed to be released from my timeshare and US Consumer Attorneys did the job in a very professional manner. They had a specific process, and whenever I contacted them they were able to tell me where they were in the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their timeshare."

- J. Booney

"Prior to purchasing a timeshare on Hilton Head Island more than 20 years ago, we had at times three other units, one in the Grand Bahamas and two in Colorado. Until we decided to no longer own them, we had no problem with their individual management offices and were consentually relieved of ownership. The contract we had with Merit was a different matter altogether. Not only would Mariott not release us from the contract, but in the lengthy and wordy contract was a phrase almost hidden that our heirs would be obligated to respect the contract even after our death. Thankfully and fortunately along came US Consumer Attorneys to our rescue! From the very beginning they kept their promise, worked hard and professionally to cancel our ownership. We could NEVER have been successful without that highly professional team of lawyers. I commend them to anyone in similar circumstance."

- M. Robertson

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Over a long period of time, we have tried to find a way out. Numerous attempts to negotiate with our timeshare company resulted in hours of being placed "on hold", of listening to endless and mindless messages from robots, never getting a human on the line. Try to sell through media resources? Good luck. Finally my wife Shirely discovered attorneys who had first-hand experience with the timeshare. We made contact, signed up, and were directed to be hands-off and await a successful conclusion. Within a few months, we were released from our timeshare burden. Everything taken into account, the fee we paid was a bargain indeed! I would recommend your services without reservation!"

- C. Johnoff

"I was very skeptical of this process to release me of my time share when I started this journey. Once you deal with anyone in the time share industry, you are skeptical of what everyone in the timeshare business says to you. In my case, I did not purchase a time share but it came into my life and I had no choice but to deal with it. Once I educated myself on the time share I owned, I quickly grew to hate it for the very expensive, drawn out scam that it is. I researched many different avenues to get rid of the time share, and all them did not pan out. I started to feel that I was stuck with it forever, even charities did not want it. Then I received a letter, and went to a seminar on how to rid myself of this time share. I listened to every word, was very hopeful that what I was being told was the truth, and entered into an agreement with US Consumer Attorneys to rid myself of the time share.

It does cost some money to use this service, but compared to the concept and cost of owning a time share for life, it was pennies and worth every cent I paid. The process does take a little time, but it works. I am time share free for the rest of my life and will never have to worry about dealing with a time share ever again. US Consumer Attorneys did exactly what they said they would do, and I am thankful I was lucky enough to have found this service to rid me of a time share. If you own a time share, are unhappy with all the nonsense, lies, false advertising and fees that come along with time share ownership, then this service is meant for you, just like it was for me. Be patient with the process, do what you are told, pay what you are asked to pay, and soon enough you will be time share free for life."

- B. Chesnut

"Thank you for helping us to no longer be responsible for the timeshare we had. You are a very professional, great business that helped us to be free of our contract. You helped and explained to us step by step through the process. You did it for us and we so very much appreciate your help."

- D. Harper

"We are thrilled with the service and speed with which our case was handled. My only regret is that we didn't reach out sooner. I wonder how time shares are even legal with what was expected of us. What a waste of hard earned dollars. Thank you US Consumer Attorneys for giving us the help we needed and getting the burden lifted. Quite honestly, after this experience with this time share sales tactic, I never want to return to Mexico again."

- J. Vanderwier

"Thank you for making this process simple and without stress. I share with others my concerns about getting into time shares, caution them about how this will affect their family members. The pitch I got when I purchased was not the experience at the times I tried to use it. I am grateful for these attorneys and wish the best of success in helping others. Much appreciated."

- D. Callaghon

"Thank you for your help in getting us out of this. As we get older we find we cannot travel much anymore. It is good to know we don't have that expense anymore. Thank you so much."

- B. Gentry

"OMG... I'm so happy to finally be rid of my timeshare. US Consumer Attorneys did a great job! I highly recommend them! Five Stars!."

- J. Magid

"Please accept our gratitude for the relatively simple, dignified and legally correct way in which we were able to remove a timeshare from our trust. The costs were "do-able" for us and moderate compared to any legal procedure / professional fees."

- R. Bell

"We are very pleased and relieved to be released from our 2 weeks of timeshare in Shawnee Village. It was a long process and took a lot of persistence on our part but it paid off in the end. Thank you."

- J. Radcliffe

"Thank you so very much for freeing us from increasing expenses and obligations to my timeshare. We can now retire without those monthly expensive payments and enjoy more restful and laid back retirement."

- A. Mitchell

"Frankly, I was afraid we had jumped into something too quickly. Thought we had made a serious mistake. But to our joy you came through and accomplished exactly what you promised, for which we are grateful. Had a small glitch with mailing of final paperwork, but your representative handled it immediately and we are more than pleased. God bless you all. Keep up the good work."

- M. Danielson

"I never had any hope of being freed from my ownership at The Towers of Mullet Bay in St. Martin. As of the recent mail I received from you it seems like you have successfully freed me of all responsibility to The Towers. I want to thank you for the work did on my behalf. Please send me an official correspondence that indicates I no longer own a timeshare at the The Towers of Mullet Bay in St. Martin."

- T. Allain

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in my timeshare problems. I was impressed with Lorena with her professionalism and ability to fulfill every promise made. And most of all how fast you were able to change titles, after losing money with other companies. I was about to give up but Lorena was able to convince me to try to wait one week to see what she could do, and asked me not to give up. I'm glad I listened because what followed was downhill and everything went smooth. A little work on my behalf. I would recommend you to anyone with pleasure. All your staff acted professional, courteous, kind, patient and understanding. Process took about 2 months."

- J. Estitte

"My case was handled very quickly and simply. Everyone I dealt with was professional and helpful. I definitely recommend this service."

- P. Monette

"I am happy so far - I was under the impression that I had 2 contracts and I was waiting for the statement about the second one. Overall the experience has been good, knowing that someday it would come to an end. Not so sure about my credit scores but they will be healed soon enough."

- K. Wood

"It was a pleasure dealing with you. My entire transaction was smooth with no problems and no wasted time. Thank you."

- E. Arnold

"We are very pleased with the results. We never used the time share and were spending money on maintenance fees for years. It was about 6 months from start to completion. Nice to be free of it!"

- F. Srock

"Thank you. We cannot adequately express our gratitude to your corporation for its attorneys' diligent efforts in acquiring our time share release from the Morrits Tortuga Club, Cayman Islands. Again, thank you."

- R. Davis

"We really appreciate all the work you all made to help us out of this situation. We enjoyed our timeshare but the cost and more restrictions on our use were getting out of control. The meetings we had with your representatives made us feel in control again. It was done in a very timely fashion. Thank you again."

- M. Nelson

"On August 25, 2015 I authorized US Consumer Attorneys to represent me during negotiations with a timeshare association because the association would not approve my request for a transfer of title. My request had been in negotiation for about a year. On October 15, 2015 the timeshare association signed a settlement agreement and release of claims. I could not believe that US Consumer Attorneys had completed the transfer so quickly. I am very impressed with the work done by the attorneys and will not hesitate to contact them when I am ready to do the same with my second timeshare. I highly recommend them."

- G. Moysendko

"Thank you for successfully releasing me from my time share at Orange Lake. You have been very helpful and patient with me. I truly thank you for getting me released from this time share. It feels wonderful to be timeshare free!"

- M. Erb

"Very happy because it was so quick. Didn't think we could ever get rid of it. Skeptical at first, but now appreciative of your services."

- E. Sanchez

"Thank you so much! I'm speechless. You have done a phenomenal thing."

- L. Cheung

"Thank you. Lorena B. was very professional and helped very much."

- E. Berentson

"Was pleased with Louis and enjoyed speaking to him. Efficiently run company and pleasant to deal with."

- W. Potter

"Appreciate, love what you're telling me. The nightmare is finally over. Thank you ma'am, you've made myself and my wife very happy. It's comforting knowing there is no more burden."

- H. Smith

"Thank you so much for a great job! I am free of any burden! Thank you again! I don't have enough words on happy I feel today."

- M. Montplaisir

"We are happy that our mission has been accomplished. We are quite satisfied that this activity did not affect our credit rating. We also appreciate the professionalism demonstrated each time we called your office. It is so gratifying being timeshare free from Hilton Grand Vacation. Thank you!"

- R. Cantu

"I cannot explain how I feel without this burden. Thank you team USCA."

- E. Berentsen

"Thank you so much for getting us free of this burden."

- D. Hendricks

"I can only say that I am fully amazed at what you've accomplished for me - I have tried for years to sell my timeshare, was scammed more than once (I am a trusting individual) and you've done it! Thanks so much! Your representatives were polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. Thanks again - If you need more information or another endorsement my phone # is [....]."

- L. Bole

"Even though it takes a few months this was well worth the money to get done. US Consumer Attorneys have been up front and kept us well informed as to how the whole thing works and throughout the whole process. If I called my questions got answered at the moment I asked. Able to talk to an attorney any time I needed to. If you have a timeshare and do not use it any more or just tired of the maintenance fees, get in touch with US Consumer Attorneys."

- S. Severin

"Thank you keeping us informed on the current updates of Grand Cayman Resort. We have received no contact from them. Thank you again for releasing us from the time share. You did very well for us. We would recommend you if someone would ask us how we did it."

- M. Bridges

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"Many thanks to you and your staff for a job well done! Chelsea was the person who kept us informed at various stages of the process. We are so proud to be out of this obligation that eventually got out of our control. Your letter of release was due to all of your hard work on our behalf. Again, many thanks for all you have done for us."

- M. Ward

"Thank you for relieving me as an owner of Ramona RV Resort. I now feel as a big load has been removed from my life, and have one less worry. I talked to them about 2 or 3 years ago and their answer was they couldn't help me, and had no interest in trying to help. It was a pleasure to know that I found a corporation that could help me. I am very thankful for all that you did to free me from my ownership from Ramona RV Resort."

- A. Gunn

"Thank you so much for getting rid of my timeshares. Several others have promised to and I have paid thousands of dollars. It seems so good to finally be rid of them. May God bless any of you that had a part in it. Thanks again."

- H. McCoy

"Painless way to eliminate time shares. No travel or hearings to attend. Thanks."

- J. Bailey

"To US Consumer Attorneys. It was a great relief to receive your letter informing me that I had been released from my timeshare. I thank you for handling this case. I was afraid I was tied to this debt for life. I could not sell it or give it away as it had no resell value. Your handling of this case and its ultimate decision was a great relief to me. Thank you!"

- D. Gregg

"Thank you US Consumer Attorneys for the highly successful mission accomplished. You are the best! 10 stars."

- M. Payton

"We received your letter this week and were excited to have this contract ended. Thank you so much for helping us! It had been such a burden and waste of money for us every month, and so frustrating when we tried to use it and couldn't get dates we wanted. We are so grateful your company accepted us. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- S. Wyatt

"I apologize this is so late being mailed to you. I am very pleased that this time share situation is over. Thank you for the work that you did. I appreciate that you will be handling the second time share soon. I am ecstatic that your firm is handling my issues. Thank you again."

- M. Graziano

"This company was pretty good. I wasn't sure anyone would be able to help me but these guys are real pros when it comes to timeshares. I'll be recommending these guys to everyone I know that hates their timeshare just as much as I did."

- P. Tony

"My wife and I recently decided that we wanted to rid ourselves of our timeshare, we just felt we were sinking too much money into. We contacted US Consumer Attorneys and they got us out of our timeshare. We mainly dealt with **** who answered all our questions and was helpful throughout the process. I give US Consumer Attorneys an A rating."

- J. Tracy

"We had too much in the way of timeshares and wanted to reduce the amount of maintenance fees that we were paying. We wanted to keep our timeshare points, but get rid of our Shawnee fixed week and Shell 1250 points. US Consumer Attorneys was able to do that for us in a relatively short period of time (about 3 months). I was skeptical, at first, but they professionally handled the cancellations and at a reasonable cost."

- J. Ploshay

"They were really helpful on getting me out of my timeshare. I would recommend them to friends and family."

- M. Phillips

"I would like to thank you so much for all your assistance and personal attention. Thanks to you I was able to get out of a time share that instead of providing a relaxed feeling was anything but. Once again, thank you, I just can't say that enough. Especially to ******, always eager to help and to answer my questions."

- F. Escobedo

"Great customers Service, thanks to the attorney and representative I got out of my timeshare."

- T. Gingerich

"They were great! Was able to get out of my timeshare in a speedy manner and I'm now enjoying all the money that I normally would spend on it once a month. Thank you guys again!"

- D. Clark

"I am so glad that I obtained USCA's services! They were very helpful and always professional. Thanks to the attorneys and the great staff in their office I am now timeshare free."

- J. Bass

"In January I attended a seminar with ***** *******, to get rid of my timeshare. Every time I called customer service ladies they were all very helpful, and always giving me fast responses, and positive outcomes, it only took them 3 months to get me out. Today I am timeshare free thanks to US Consumer Attorneys, and I highly recommend them."

- E. Villalobos

"I recently signed up with USCA, I am still a client, trying to get rid of my Shell Vacation timeshare, everything is moving forward so far and I am on the middle of being released. I got my mission accomplished letter and I am very please to say that all this was done in a very short time, now we just have to wait for my name to be out of the deed and I will be forever free of any charges for my timeshare. I recommend USCA, they are very polite and efficient."

- M. Garcia

"I'm very happy to say US Consumer Attorneys is the best company for getting rid of timeshares. I had dealt with other companies before that were only scams. Their service is no where compared to USCA. From the customer service ladies to the attorneys, they are very helpful and informative. I even took the chance to mail them a thank you letter, and it's not even enough to thank them for their amazing service. I am finally out of my timeshare, and enjoying my extra money now thanks to them."

- L. Leyva

"US Consumer Attorneys is a very efficient company for fulfilling the purpose of timeshare releases. Customer service was always very helpful and the attorneys as well. *** ******** was my attorney working in a team with ******** ******** they were very fast and communicative with me, and together as a team now I am happy to say I am timeshare free. I recommend this company 100%."

- O. Araujo

"Thank you U.S. Consumer Attorneys for helping me get out of my timeshare."

- K. Gilday

"I had a wonderful experience with my timeshare cancellation.(with **** ) She was knowledgeable and the customer support was superb....."

- J. Lunsford

"I am very satisfied with the service I was offered by USCA. All of the customer service ladies were very helpful and I could see they all worked as a team along with my attorney ***** *******, to get me out of my timeshare with Grandview at Las Vegas. I feel very released now that I don't have to worry about the timeshare company bother me all the time, because USCA handled my case with ease within a short period of time. I feel very thankful and pleased with this company and will recommend people that are going through the same situation as I was, to get help from USCA, you wont regret it."

- A. Cuevas

"I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends!"

- L. Beckner

"Thank you!!!! I am no longer stuck with a membership that can not be used. I learned my lesson with purchasing a timeshare."

- F. Cresci

"US Consumer Attorneys did an excellent job in helping me to get the timeshare company to take back the timeshare points and release me from paying any more maintenance fees. I believe that having lawyers negotiate with the timeshare company for me was critical in getting them to release me from further obligations."

- E. Sewell

"Thank you so Very Much US Consumer Attorneys. You business expertise and legal wherewithal is Superior! You delivered as promised and we will recommend your services to anyone friend or family to untangle the Timeshare Nightmare. Much thanks and much success for you in all future business."

- C. Payton

"It's Larry Pare from Fall River Mass. I am really happy I have received a letter to confirm that the time share is now out of my name as of 08/17/2015. I sure am glad that's over. I want to "Thank You" for all of your help. You are very kind and patient, a real professional. Please contact me if there is something that I can do to help all of you along. You provide a much needed service to a lot of people that have been lied to for many years by these timeshare resorts. I still cannot believe the letter they asked me to send them, then cancelled the closing. That was unreal! Anyways "Thank You!!" for all of your help."

- L. Pare

"We got what we wanted. We are very satisfied. Thank you USCA."

- W. Wyatt

"I would definitely recommend USCA. I feel greatly relieved for myself and my generation, which is my children and grand kids. I surely will not leave any burdens behind."

- J. Burden

"USCA right on the spot. Thank you USCA Team. In the scale of 1-10 you guys are 20!! The nightmare was over after we met USCA. HURRAY!!!"

- C. Paytton

"I contacted US Consumer Attorneys in June 2015. After the phone interview process I received the necessary paperwork to be submitted to them as they had decided to take on my case against my time share company. During the phone interview they also explained that these types of services take anywhere between 3-4 months to be resolved. In early July I returned all the required paper work. On August 14th I received a letter from the US Consumer Attorneys offices advising me that my affiliation with the time share company had been dissolved and that no further payments of any kind would be required of me. The total time to resolve my dispute was just over 30 days!! Thank you US Consumer Attorneys."

- J. Toolen

"Happy, still have one more [timeshare] to go! Glad that half this nightmare is over."

- P. Connolly

"Thank you for releasing us from our time share. You were very friendly on the phone and you got the job done. I will refer you to our friends that have time shares. Thank you for a job well done."

- G. Arnold

"I was skeptical at first, but after several months, you guys came through, taking care of two timeshares. Thank you."

- T. Law

"Upon receipt of your letter confirming you have successfully terminated our contract with Playa Del Sol, I would like to thank you. I have been concerned over this matter for a number of years. Please accept my thank you for your help in relieving me of this responsibility."

- M. Brown

"I am more than satisfied. I thought it was going to take longer. I am more than pleased with US Consumer Attorneys. It was a pleasure having US Consumer Attorneys represent me in my timeshare."

- J. Luciano

"It is wonderful to know that you actually did accomplish your goal and a tremendous help to your client. I am very proud and happy that you handled successfully our case in such a short period of time. Thank you."

- R. Mercader

"To everyone that took part in this mission, we are truly grateful for all the help you have given us. We are in our 80's and I am sure we have made many mistakes in the process. My husband and I cannot thank you enough. God bless each and every one of you"

- J. Lavele

"I would like to thank you for a job well done with my time share units. It was always easy to obtain answers for any questions I had. There was always someone to speak to. In the past, I have recommended your office to friends who have the same problem with their time share. It is a relief not to worry about continual maintenance fees and other increasing fees. Thanks again."

- B. Dominick

"To whom it may concern, at first I thought I was wasting $$$, but you all stayed in touch and was very receptive to my phone calls. I am so relieved to rid myself of this timeshare. It all started out for the right reasons, family, friends, children, friends and so on. It ended very bad, lost a job, wife was very ill, money was running out, had to borrow to pay for it, was on the verge of bankruptcy. I borrowed money to have this done. So thank you for doing what you said you would do."

- M. Miraz

"Very pleased, wish my husband had been alive, I'm elderly. Thank you for all your help."

- K. Labosky

"We are happy to convey our gratitude in a review:
1) You kept us informed.
2) You were very courteous.
3) You accomplished what you said you would do:
a. That you would negotiate with my timeshare/ resort, representing me for the purposes of releasing me from any and all future obligations under my contract with the resort; including release from maintenance fees, taxes and assessments. Your goal was to have me released, now and forever, from my timeshare contract and that from this day forward I was in no obligation to pay any future fees.
b. Your recent letter has stated you have accomplished this goal and that I am no longer an owner with the resort.
Thank you very much!"

- P. Sheffield

"We appreciate all US Consumer Attorneys has done cancelling our previous ownership of a timeshare. We've had the timeshare for several years and thought we would be able to enjoy the usage of the travel options. Unfortunately, due to some financial changes, we were no longer able to travel as often as we hoped and the increased costs were no longer feasible. With the help of US Consumer Attorneys we were able to provide some general information and let them work on our relief of ownership. We are happy with the service provided and would recommend them for others who are in the same situation."

- G. Proctor

"It took approximately 6 months from start to finish, but we achieved our goal. We are now rid of our timeshare and all those horrid maintenance fees forever. Our maintenance fees were about $4000.00 per year, plus we owed money on the timeshare with a payment of $550.00/ month. With the escalating cost of the maintenance fees, our 3 children wanted no part of this disaster. We always used our timeshare and exchanged it for many beautiful trips, but the bottom line is the costs would force me to stay at work, and I wouldn't be able to retire. With this timeshare out of my way, I can retire now at 66 at the end of August, 2015. We are so grateful to the US Consumer Attorneys and their staff for doing an excellent job."

- R. Rybczyk

"US Consumer Attorneys, thanks so much for helping us get out of our timeshare. We thought we were going to have that anchor around our neck for years. What you did for us was impressive and makes a big difference for us. We appreciate your professional way of treating us and you kept us informed throughout the process. We would recommend you to anyone who needs help. Thanks again."

- T. Grajid

"Imagine my surprise to learn the fees for my timeshare, in addition to increasing annually, exist in perpetuity. That burden would be passed onto anyone inheriting the timeshare. I contracted with US Consumer Attorneys to get me out of this obligation. It took several months but I received updates on a regular basis. I was ultimately fully released from my timeshare. I have recommended US Consumer Attorneys to others and will continue to do so. I was extremely satisfied with their service."

- L. Rutledge

"Dear US Consumer Attorneys, thank you for helping me with ending the contract with Pueblo Bonito Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was specifically told that the contract was indeed valid in the US and that I could never get out of it once I signed on. I remember this distinctly as a warning at the time of signing. Again I thank you!"

- T. Dicicco

"We want to thank you for everything you did to accomplish the process of getting our name off the Festiva Adventure Club. You did everything you said you would in a very timely manner. I am glad that we had the agreement with you.
Thanks again - it feels like a heavy burden lifted off our shoulders."

- K. and R. Rackley

"I'm really happy! I've been thinking of getting rid of my timeshare for a very long time. It was a nightmare. You guys stepped in and got me out real quick and easy. I am very thankful."

- N. & S. Byers

"US Consumer Attorneys helped us in a dilemma my wife and I were facing. We had acquired a time share that we were having difficulties making payments for. We had tried terminating our time share with the company directly with no luck. In our search to find someone to help us out, we were referred to US Consumer Attorneys. From the start, Mr. Espinoza was quick to get a resolution for us. He and other associates at US Consumer Attorneys negotiated a termination from the vacation resort company. Since my wife and I are retired and on a fixed income, it was a great relief that we got the result we were looking for. We will definitely recommend US Consumer Attorneys to anyone who needs help."

- J. Zamudio

"You did a good job! I'm glad we got it accomplished, it was the final step! You always answered all the questions and tried to help me."

- R. & E. Ebert

"It worked - we are out of the timeshare. The family was happy that they would not have to continue to pay after the mother and dad had passed away."

- C. Horn

"After being in a scam concerning a timeshare we are finally able to be free of it. We no longer have to pay for something not being used and neither will our children. We are very happy about the outcome of the case relieving us and many other people of this concern. The calls to keep us informed about the process were very professional and all was handled in a timely manner. Thank you very much."

- R. Cauley

"Great work in helping me to rid myself of a troublesome timeshare. Thanks so much."

- J. Golden

"Thank you for relieving me of the burden of monthly or yearly assessments to timeshares from which we rarely benefitted. Also for the efficiency of your firm in 1) completing the recision transaction within a two month period; 2) issuing notices of progress along the way; 3) answering my questions by phone promptly; and 4) relieving me of any obligations to timeshare assessments during the litigation period. I am also happy that my children will not have to wrestle with the timeshare problem."

- K. Herbst

"I was not sure if you would deliver after [dealing with] others who said they would stop a timeshare contract. I was not sure if the cost would be good, as I have paid others that did NOT deliver. You delivered! No more time share and the cost is worth it in the long run! Thanks!!"

- S. Riggs

I want to thank you all for your help getting rid of this [timeshare] contract! Your SPEED and CONVENIENCE was the BEST! I cannot actually believe I am FREE!!!"

- F. Mazanet

"Yes, you were successful in releasing me from the requirements of a timeshare ownership. I am very grateful. I should never have purchased a timeshare. Yes, it cost me thousands of dollars to join AND to increase "points" for added "improvements", etc., in the timeshares. I learned a valuable lesson at an expensive price."

- G. Paul

"We are very satisfied with the results. Thank you."

- H. Jackson

"We have never really used our timeshare. Buying it was a bad mistake! Getting out of it was almost impossible. We have tried to sell it but there is no market for timeshares. Thank you so much for helping us to get our timeshare off our names. You have been very helpful throughout the whole process. We cannot thank you enough! Keep up the good work!"

- M. Doshing

"Thank you so much for relieving me of my timeshare commitments. You took charge and made it easy for me. I appreciate your help."

- J. Diamond

"Mission Accomplished" is like music to our ears. We've been waiting for this confirmation for a while, now it's official. For the group of lawyers, U.S. Consumer Attorneys, we greatly appreciate what you've done. We feel so relieved emotionally and especially financially. I will highly recommend your corp. to my fellow colleagues if they happen to need assistance for the same matter. And again, we thank you very much for everything."

- F. and A. Arrington

"Thank you so much for your help. We wish we would have found your service a few years ago. We loved our timeshare in the beginning, but later we didn't use it as much but our fees we made monthly just kept going up. Thanks again for your help in a timely fashion. Everything you told us came true."

- C. Harris.

"My husband and I are completely satisfied with your services. The attorney did an excellent job. His communication was superb."

- S. and P. Deselms

"It was a long time coming. We worked for 3 years to get rid of our timeshare. You were able to get it done in less than a year. It has taught us a lesson - Never buy a timeshare again. What a big rip off. Thanks to you we don't have to stress about it anymore."

- D. and B. Tomlinson

"Thank you for your courteous and efficient work in getting me out from under the albatross of my timeshare. I am greatly relieved."

- B. Goetz

"In less than a month after hiring USCA to help us out of our timeshare, we were OUT! Free from any and all future maintenance fees or repair costs. It took some time to submit all the necessary documentation, but after that it was quick and easy. We are grateful to be free of this financial burden and will recommend USCA to others for help in timeshare exit."

- C. Pohlschneider

"US Consumer Attorneys was very efficient and easy to work with. The dispute with the timeshare company was handled quickly and with little effort on my end. I was notified of every step along the way and had questions answered promptly. I would highly recommend US Consumer Attorneys to anyone trying to terminate a timeshare contract."

- D. Fettes

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - what a relief to be free of the ever-increasing costs as to maintenance dues from an ownership of World Club. As we've aged & travel less we had concerns of the liability of passing the ownership to our son (who is struggling financially). The relief we feel is great. Again, thank you."

- A. Kawakami

"I'm pleased you did what you said you would do. Thank you very much!!!"

- N. Wayman

"Sending a big Thank you! I appreciate your efforts to successfully cancel my timeshare. It appeared to be an eternal burden that would be impossible to escape from. My sincere gratitude for this freedom."

- J. Buchheit

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