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Timeshare rip offs - Timeshare deeds

Tug Timeshare & Timeshare Transfer

Were you mislead, pressured and enticed into buying a timeshare? Do you own a timeshare membership and need to be freed of the huge amount of charges, fees and financial costs of your Timeshare rip off? We have the experience and ability to get you OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE CONTRACT!

US Consumer Attorneys' proven and secure timeshare transfer cancellation program is TOP-RATED by timeshare owners and provides positive results with helping owners getting out of timeshare contracts. We can SUCCEED where other cancellation or transfer companies often fail.

Buying a timeshare property may have seemed like a good idea when you signed the timeshare contract. But if you're taking yet another "staycation" this summer – and really haven't been able to travel as much as you'd like the rest of the year as well – you may have realized that you aren't truly benefiting from your timeshare purchase. You probably regret the day you signed the contract and now have realized it was a Huge Mistake! Plus the Maintenance fees KEEP ESCALATING and are eating you up!

Find out How To Transfer A Timeshare

Timeshare Maintenance Fees:
What you may not be told is the extent to which the annual maintenance fee will increase over time. If the seller claims the fees will stay the same, beware. Beautiful properties today may be RUN DOWN in five or ten years without sufficient maintenance. Timeshare operators also may force owners to pay unexpected but obligatory special assessment fees.

Secondary Market for Timeshares:
As far as timeshares for investments: they rarely appreciate in value. In fact, the likelihood is that you will waste hard-earned cash when buying your timeshare. The original price may have included premiums of up to 40% to cover sales costs. As a result, a resale will yield only A FRACTION of the original price. Then you will have to pay a new commission to the broker who sells the property for you.

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If you decide to buy a timeshare or membership in a vacation club, be aware that resales are difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE. In general the market for resales is poor and may vary considerably, depending on the location and time of year. One recent survey found that only 3.3% of owners reported reselling their timeshares during the last 20 years. Still, desperate to sell, many timeshare owners have been deceived by timeshare transfer and resale scams.

Get premium timeshare transfer service at US Consumer Attorneys. We provide easy solution for timeshare and vacation club cancellation. Our a team of seasoned lawyers with approximately 100 years of combined experience with helping timeshare owners cancel their timeshare's contractual and financial obligations and cancel your timeshare contract FOR GOOD.

Our FULL-SERVICE legal team is able to provide the help necessary to negotiate terms with some of the largest Timeshare and Resort developers globally and we have the timeshare release success to prove it.

How To Transfer your Timeshare Deed